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Return Policy & Adjustment Policy

It is our policy to have all credits owed to dealers regarding returns or adjustments to be back to the dealer within 24 hours of the time that we receive the product in our warehouse. The only exceptions to this rule are in cases where a product was defective and caused bodily or vehicle damage.

We do not accept returns to stock on any special ordered product or discontinued product, but on all other returns we will credit the dealer the full amount of what the dealer was originally charged for the product or the current replacement cost, which ever is lower.

Regarding defective adjustments, all tires that are defective due to workmanship and material within the first 2/32nd tread depth should get a full credit based on the original purchase price or current replacement cost which ever is lower. All other tires defective due to workmanship and material are warranted on a pro-rata basis based on tread remaining down to the last 3/32nd tread depth. Regarding tires that have been road hazard they are covered under a separate warranty, and after making sure that the dealer originally purchased the road hazard warranty coverage from Omnisource will we warranty the product, and all road hazard warranties are the same basis as the regularly defective due to manufacturer defects.

To return product just notify the nearest Omnisource United store that you trade with, and they will pick up the product. They should give you a copy of a pick up receipt that the driver should sign for. Please keep a copy of this receipt as if there is any question regarding adjustment credits you will need to show this receipts for proof of return. On this receipt it should have a detailed list of the tires that you returned along with the remaining tread depth on any adjustment products.

If you do not receive the appropriate credit within 24 hours call your local sales representative, and if you still do not receive satisfactory credits within 24 hours of that time, please feel free to call me.


Phil Caris
President, Omnisource United, Inc.

Products purchased from Omnisource may be returned under the following circumstances:
  1. Product must have been purchased within 30-days
    • a. After 14 days, all new product returns will be assessed a 10% restocking fee
  2. Product must be in the following condition:
    • a. Tires/Items must be in new sellable condition
    • b. Stickers must be intact or in original packaging
    • c. Tires must not have been mounted
  3. Special Order, non-stocking items are not eligible for return
  4. Any freight charges associated with Special Ordered items is non-refundable.
If you have any questions, please contact your local Omnisource location.