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Omnisource United - TERMS OF SALES

Payment is expected upon delivery of merchandise, unless credit terms have previously been approved by Omnisource United’s corporate credit department. Forms of payment accepted on delivery are; most major credit cards, local personal or company check, traveler’s checks, money orders, cashier’s check, or U.S. Currency.

Credit Extension

Omnisource United will extend standard credit terms to business entities at their discretion based on credit history, financial standing, and ability to repay the debt of the company or the personal guarantor. These decisions are based solely on the information Omnisource United is able to gain from credit reporting agencies, references, and other business dealings Omnisource United is able to uncover. Omnisource United reserves the right to extend or shorten credit terms and limit amount extended based on these facts, as well as the payment history with A to Z Tire and/or their affiliates. Our credit application and accompanying documents govern our credit policies, and the above statements are not intended to be all inclusive.

Standard Credit Terms

The Omnisource United billing period begins on the 26th day of the current month and ends on the 25th day of the following month. If the 25th falls on Sunday or holiday the billing period will then end on the business day prior. The 10th day of each month is the payment due date. Statements are mailed to all charge customers at the end of each month.

Training Policy

Training is provided as a customer service in order to improve our customer’s ability to sell and promote safe use and application of products. Training is not presented to be all inclusive, and we encourage dealers to seek further training and education. If we can be of help in finding other training options for you, please contact us. Omnisource United offers no guarantee of accuracy or completeness of training material.

Wholesale Pricing

Pricing programs may vary by location and market conditions. Please consult your local store to verify your buying price.


All tires for over the road use by a powered vehicle are warranted against workmanship and material defects for the life of the usable tread on a pro-rated basis. This warranty expires five years from date of manufacture. In addition manufacturers may offer enhanced warranties on specific products.

Omnisource United reserves the right to refuse warranty on tires that have been abused, used in the wrong application, under inflated, over loaded, contain improper or more than one repair, exposed to chemical influences, over heated, or other wise misused. Omnisource United offers these warranties as a courtesy to the customer and the warranty is only valid for like product replacement provided by Omnisource United. The above warranties have no other cash value other than tire replacement, and Omnisource United in no way assumes responsibilities for consequential or other expenses. Warranties are totally left to the manufacture’s discretion if the tire is claimed to be involved in any form of accident or any other form of property, personal, or consequential, damage beyond the prorated tire replacement. Omnisource United is not equipped to make full determination of factory defects, and Omnisource United’s employees have no authority to make such determination on behalf of the manufacturer. Consumers may have additional rights stated by state or federal laws, and this brief statement is not intended to restrict any of those rights.